2 Battery Pro-EnergieBesparen v3.16


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/01/2015 - 10:33
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2 Battery Pro-EnergieBesparen v3.16


2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver v3.16 plans to extend battery life. No need to manually turn off your Internet connection. This program uses a smart algorithm for switching upon and off the Internet connection, reducing power consumption and data consumption increases battery life.
Automation Connect 3G / 4G / WiFi in the background, the status bar displays the battery level, efficient and easy to use features of this program.

- Intelligently manage Internet connection in the background
- Ensure complete transfer of data to maintain a connection to the Internet until the end of the transfer
- Night mode bolster
- bolster white list and black list
- Turn off the screen automatically when you put the phone upside down or put the tablet in Kiev
- Internal filters to reduce screen brightness to save battery
- bolster for report of full charge and low battery warning
- Ability to change the battery icon theme
- Set the interval between activation and configuration
- Contains the settings for the connection charge or connect to the Internet
- New option to disable mobile data when the screen locks
- Respect system settings
- Playing sound upon or off the display after a time
- home widget
- Show the battery, the battery discharge time remaining, battery status, voltage, temperature, and another information
- And the ...

According to the manual installation of Luky Patcher / Modded Google Play use.

- battery proenergiebesparen for android wap.

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