360 Security - Antivirus Boost v3.1.0


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 02/06/2015 - 14:39
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360 Security - Antivirus Boost v3.1.0

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360 Security - Antivirus Boost v3.1.0 build 58 Security and protection software for android-os Speed ​​Booster.
360 Security to guard your mobile device. This is a mobile security application for your android-os phone protection against the latest viruses, malware, system vulnerabilities, Trojans and privacy threats designed. It also temporary files (caches) and rat junk thesis cleans your system, storage space available upon your android-os phone's SD card increases and stronger.
This is 1 of the mostly advanced antivirus and Optimizer is.

Features 360 Security - Antivirus:

► anti-virus engine
Scanning installed applications, content and new applications for the use of the memory card automatically. Valet antivirus engines by 360 QVS cloud, you have a homely but effective protection against viruses and malware, you will.

► cleaning device
Use 1 Tap Clean to remove garbage files, remove debris and clean up temporary files, programs

► Memory Booster
unfetter up memory (RAM) and boost android-os phone. 1 Tap Clean the correct memory allows you to open more applications at a speed more!

► energy accelerators and storage
Close the idle scan and clean background together a touch of history private consumption. You can also Lock Screen Power-saver mode to extend battery life for automated cleaning and thereby enabled.

► block calls and SMS
Block unwanted calls and SMS, and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

► Management Program
Comfortable and efficient management of their programs. hook the daily recommendation of the latest applications and games in AppBox.

► Anti-Theft
An all-in-one anti-theft solution for when you lose your phone. Features alarm, wipe, locate, alert and lock you in finding a missing device and helps guard important data.

► monitoring data
do full use of your data plan and manage the activities of your network applications. No need to worry about additional costs of data

► Vault
Securing your connection information together certain people and hide its own program

► guard moment
Scan locally installed applications APK files in real time, as good as supervision of the installation

► consultant privacy

- security antivirus boost for android wap.

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