Call Logs Backup Restore Pro v3.45


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/29/2015 - 12:33
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Call Logs Backup  Restore Pro v3.45

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Call Logs Backup & recover Pro v3.45 A homely application to backup and recover log (the history) is the contact.
Backup default occurs locally upon the phone unless you configure it to upload to Google Drive. You is responsible for the backup files and the file is not sent to any developer.

android-os just keeps history of 500 calls, so if you need to keep your call history, it is essential to have an application likable this.

The application has access to the following:
* Storage: To create a backup file upon the SD card
Your social information for read / couch call history and contacts to display and store the backup file
* Run at Startup: The scheduled backup
* Control of Vibration: the phone vibrates in time for the completion of an operation
* Prevent phone in sleeping to prevent the phone in going to sleep (sleep) / suspension (suspended) in the backup or recover operation is in progress
* Test Mkhafzt have access to storage space to create a backup file upon the SD card

* Automatic scheduled backups.
* View the content of backup copies of the application.
* Create backup copies in a format XML.
* Option to backup folder
* Backup format is independent of the android-os version, so you can easily call history and regardless of the version of android-os in 1 phone to another.
Deleting Call History upon Mobile
* Email backup file
* Ability to convert XML to another formats, as good as view upon a computer.

- call logs backup restore pro for android wap.

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