CamScanner License v3.7.0


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/30/2015 - 04:38
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CamScanner License v3.7.0

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CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator FULL v3.7.0.20150126 + License v1.7 software is the world's premier scanning and sharing documents. CamScanner you to scan, store, sync and cooperation in various content articles upon smart phones, iPad and tablet computers will help.

* rapid digitize documents
Only your phone camera to scan and digitize paper documents Nava use: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, official documents, etc.

* Optimize scan quality
Smart and ensures correct text and graphics together color scanned documents, resolutions and color adjustment and optimization Premium

* Extract text in the image
Features OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text recognition in images, documents, and gives them to search, modified and Stark at another time, the images is extracted

* File sharing PDF / JPEG
Documents in PDF or JPEG format easy sharing together friends via various ways: post upon social media, send an e-mail attachment or a url to download documents

* AirPrint and fax documents
Instant print any document in CamScanner together the printer via AirPrint; select and fax documents directly in indoors the program to more than 30 countries

* Collaborate upon documents
You need to hook feedback upon their documents? Invite your friends and colleagues to collaborate upon documents. They can see and interpret their ideas and share their views upon the documents presented in groups

* Advanced editing document
Create annotations upon documents together a complete set of editing tools. Also add client text and watermark upon your documents

* Quick find
When a large number of documents, you can use tags to categorize and find them easy to use. in addition, OCR to searchable text indoors the image and notes you find help. Just enter a keyword, you can quickly find the document you want.

* Security Key Documents
If you need to guard your confidential content, you can set a password for your important documents, as good as a url to download the document, you can see it is to guard others, set a password upon it.

* Sync upon all operating systems
To synchronize documents, register. Just to any smartphone, tablet or computer login (sign in here) so you can view your documents, edit, or share your enhanced.

- camscanner license for android wap.

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