CM Battery v1.2


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CM Battery v1.2

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CM Battery v1.2 is a unfetter storage battery is specifically designed to optimize the battery life of your android-os device. Powered by Technology Battery Doctor, it's the mostly efficient way to guard your battery.
CM Battery storage battery is a brand new program developed by Clean Master and Battery Doctor.

Highlights CM Battery:
Clean, intuitive and easy to use. CM Battery power saving process by providing shortcuts to close the drain items makes it easy - even your grandmother can use it!

A real force that will save your battery power when not in use, it does not. Using the mostly advanced cloud technology, CM Battery by analyzing data in the cloud, rather than identify another applications upon your phone even when it is closed, it tells you what your battery wastes.

Smart charging screensaver will help you to fully charge your mobile phone. The unique 3-step charging, you can use your phone to a level truly healthy and full charge. You can also find out how to end the charging time is left.

Main features:
1. Clean and innovative design.

2. Energy saving should 1 touch
together a homely scan, CM Battery drain is a list of items, such as Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth gives you. You can do so together a touch close to save battery.

3. Advanced power saving
CM Battery battery drain all programs is available upon your phone detects a shortcut to close manually to your offers.

4. do not use the battery when you is not using
CM Battery by analyzing data in the cloud, it tells you what is eating your battery.

5. Screen Smart Charge
Charge your phone in real healthy and full of unique 3-stage charging. You can also be notified of the remaining time to recharge your batteries.

6. Powerful program management
Battery drain stop programs in launching automatically, even if your device is rooted.
* Note that this feature is not recommended for users of Samsung.

If you is looking for a homely battery saver android-os battery saver and you, this is an excellent program for you.

- cm battery for android wap.

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