Color Effect Photo Editor Pro v1.4.7


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/26/2015 - 14:02
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Category: Photography
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Color Effect Photo Editor Pro v1.4.7

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Color Effect Photo Editor Pro v1.4.7 software to change the color of the images by which you can select a desired zone of the image, create a color different in another place for him, and the effect of beautiful. together this program you can change the color, hair color, peeper color and even modify your car. You can also remove red eyes in photographs by this program and their photos together just 1 click upload to Facebook. Wall color, the color of the dress or the color of their skin to change color. Multi-finger zoom, change brush size, share pictures upon Facebook, preview mode, color history, and a veil of color options and features of the program.

- Add text to images
- 33 new and interesting effects
- 24 frames and frames
- 18 special effects light mask
- 12 tissue
- Adjust the contrast
- Set Warmth
- Adjust brightness
- Optimized for tablets
- Replacement of the actual color
- Zoom (zoom together fingers)
- Change the brush size
- Share your pictures upon Facebook
- Preview mode
- Masked and colored view options
- History of Color

- color effect photo editor pro for android wap.

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