Drift Zone 1.3.0 + Mod


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/24/2015 - 08:38
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Category: Racing
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Drift Zone 1.3.0 + Mod

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Drift Zone 1.3.0 game exciting and fun movements and drift different cars by the programmer named Awesome Industries sp. z oo has been released for Android. in this game you have the opportunity to find out that the car has taken a variety of fun and virtually drift movements. There is several stages in the game to put behind each must be obtained at the designated time points.
in conjunction together the graphics should be noted that some elements likable the sun, the light rays and some cars is impressive simulation, but some details of the game, it seems that they is less significant, together The graphics is very good game overall is satisfactory.
The gameplay is trying to drift the best way to simulate, for example, conduct a real racing car as good as the need for special training. There is two modes to control the game, the first mode using the buttons upon the page, and the latter by tilting the phone to the side is a little harder, challenging.
Game Drift Zone Overall a very good game for fans of the racing simulator racing car drift that has been in our country's youth is also highly regarded. If you is interested in 1 of these, we suggest you install the game and enjoy it.

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