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Update: 01/29/2015 - 14:37
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Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger Messenger application for android-os is the mostly popular and best that you can be unfetter and easy to chat together your Facebook friends and pay upon your Facebook account to manage you.

Features Facebook Messenger:
Having report
Ability to add photos and geographical place of the message
Create groups of friends
Send SMS to mobile friends (only available in some countries)
What's access to friends or not (by sending them text and text-to-mobile)
Your message has been informed of who is and who is not!
Message for your friends who have been notified of the place
To see friends typing simultaneously
Ability to quickly switch between different conversations
Friends of friends of friends of friends added to this program
Adds the ability to share photos, the bigger the possibility of full screen and zooming pictures
Improve the speed of sending, opening and go hither and beyond

- facebook messenger for android wap.

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