Facebook Messenger v19.


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/04/2015 - 07:14
Size: 16MB
Category: Communication
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Facebook Messenger v19.

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Facebook Messenger v19. a fast, unfetter and reliable is to cease in touch. This is just likable the message, but is not required to pay a fee for each message (It works together your Internet).

- hook your messages without opening Facebook
- Chat together and create a plan in place
- Give life to your messages together stickers and emoticons
- Send a private photos
- Continue the conversation: You can chat while using another applications.
- Send a message to the phone contacts, even if they is not your Facebook friends.
- Share your place and the people close to you
- Record voice messages
- do unfetter calls, even to friends in another countries
- Aware of being watched by people in your message
- find people available in the Messenger and those in Facebook
- We have to cease and do not miss a message.
- Turn off the prompt when you is working and you're asleep or just need a break

- facebook messenger for android wap.

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