Fake Call SMS v2.35 Cracked


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/12/2015 - 12:25
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Fake Call  SMS v2.35 Cracked


Fake SMS/Text function was added. You can send fake sms/ text messages to yourself, or can do a fake sms/ text messages in another person. The mostly professional and beautiful fake caller id and SMS/text application in android-os Market! hook out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call id or sms (text messages) ! Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself in an awkward situation, likable boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview. The fake-call id won’t charge you any fee, it is totally FREE.

Features List

  • The name changed to “Call Assistant” when you installed fake call/sms (text messages) in you phone;
  • Simulate Fake calling screen as real as your different phone: Samsung UI, Sony Erisson, HTC Sense,ICS, etc
  • Customize fake caller id, picture, number, in-call voice and ringtone for a new fake call ;
  • Schedule multi fake calls/sms (text messages) ;
  • Customize and manage the different in-call voice and ringtones for each fake call/sms (text messages) ;
  • Fake call/sms (text messages) quick set ;
  • Schedule a new fake call/sms (text messages) at a specific time;
  • Fake call/sms (text messages) logs
  • Fake now, past, even in the future;
  • Select fake caller id in your contacts;
  • Also showed in your fake call history;
  • Fake call/sms (text messages) ringtone ,vibration and fake call voice can be customized ;
  • Play Fake voice after fake call answered;
  • Share Fake caller id together your friends in Gmail, Messaging and Twitter;
  • 6 different android-os system message icons to choose for fake your message;
  • 6 different android-os system fake calling page to choose for your quick fake call;

Description of permissions for Fake Call

  • Your messages : This permission can insert the fake SMS into your real SMS log
  • Your personal information : This permission can do a fake call in your contacts, and also insert to real call log
  • Network communication : This permission is for bluetooth earphone and networks
  • Storage : This permission can record and modified fake calling voices, which is stored in the SD card
  • Hardware controls : This permission is to set a fake call or a message vibration
  • Phone calls : This permission is for you can receive the real call during the fake calling
  • System tools : This permission is to fulfill the fake call or message even after reboot the phone

- fake call sms cracked for android wap.

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