Hike Messenger v3.6.0


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/01/2015 - 11:26
Size: 15MB
Category: Communication
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Hike Messenger v3.6.0

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hike messenger v3.6.0 is 1 of the mostly popular messaging programs. The program also for another devices such as iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia is available.

Why do we hike?

★ privacy: a hike messenger together your stalker goodbye. You have the option to have a profile picture, last accessed and updated their status in the eyes of all people hide.

★ hidden mode is a new feature that lets you chat hike privacy you need the world to preserve their privacy and access to them is only possible together your password. Your private conversations is for those who need your phone protected and safe.

★ Tags: the amazing hike you can add tags. New ways to express themselves.

★ Send anything and everything you can find all non-media files and documents such as PDF, ZIP, Doc, PPT, APK and much more to add!

★ HIKE OFFLINE: Online friends is not because they is not able to send messages? do not worry! Hike their messages as SMS, at no cost to you, to send them out. When they respond, you will receive a message upon the hike!

★ large attachments: Now you can share large files and videos 100MB. Now this is what we call it great!

Theme Chat: You can also chat together your beautiful themes. The theme of the program is 2-way! When you change your theme, your friend will change.

HIKE2SMS unfetter to India, you can send SMS to your friends for unfetter in India.

★ Easy Sharing: You can see the photos, videos, locations, contacts, messages and another things upon the hike to share! You can also create chat groups or 1 to 1 chat!

★ Fast, easy, personal, free: hike is super fast. in this program, you have notifications sent, delivered, read, and we will see you typing. It supports 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi (if available) to message together friends and your home uses.

★ SSL 128 bit encrypted messages is encrypted upon a hike messenger over Wifi.

★ transfer to the card SD: This application can be stored upon the SD card.

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