Lucky Patcher v5.3.4


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/01/2015 - 10:57
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Lucky Patcher v5.3.4

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Lucky Patcher v5.3.4 android-os is a great tool to bypass, remove commercials, modified and change ... android-os is a premium program. It provides a means to remove non-free license applications and games upon android-os phones is routed.
Some software can be downloaded in the android-os Market license verification is needed, otherwise it will not run after the software is disabled. For this reason, along together the software maker also offered an active file.
Lucky Patcher software is able to find the software installed upon the phone, the list of applications that require the user to verify their license and license to allow users to remove them, without any limitation do use of.

- Remove the license of the software provided upon the android-os Market
- Showing the proper way to remove the software license
- Backup software
- The output of the software is activated APK format
- Remove the software and data are

Note: To use the phone software you have rooted (Ruth) is.

- lucky patcher for android wap.