MIMPI 2d platformer 1.1.4 + Data


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/27/2015 - 06:20
Size: 127MB
Category: Simulation

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MIMPI 2d platformer 1.1.4 + Data

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MIMPI 2d platformer 1.1.4 game you have to guide the dog's white. The dog started to run at every step to reach the goals that have been identified to play. You have to finish each stage of concessions for the next step will be saved so you can use the play facilities. in this game, your dog things likable jumping, hiding, smash up, barking, spinning and so on. The game has gameplay is smooth and homely as the old console.

Some features MIMPI Adventure Android:
♦ adventure game in 8 different worlds together different challenges
♦ having a very interesting story without dialogue boring
♦ consists of 24 short comic for you to discover and players
♦ There is different puzzles and adventures behind you
♦ Availability of 8 different skins for characters and game characters
♦ having stunning HD graphics and exciting sound

- mimpi d platformer data for android wap.

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