Rocket Music Player v3.3.0.36


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 02/06/2015 - 14:41
Size: 9.4 MB
Category: Music & Audio

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Rocket Music Player v3.3.0.36

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Rocket Music Player v3.3.0.36 is a music player together its homely user interface allows you to list the music that you need faster listen to browse it without hook more information and additional buttons. in addition, the advanced options in this program is an opportunity to experience rapid editing playlists and listen to music together dynamic EQ gives you.

- Supports audio formats Apple Lossless (alac), True Audio (tta), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc), Waveform Audio File (wav), unfetter Lossless Audio Codec (flac), WavePack (wv), Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless (wma), etc.
- Download Photo Album
- 10-band graphic equalizer
- Assign an equalizer preset to a song, genre, playlist, artist, album, or podcast
- Preamplifier
- Limiting
- Left and right sound balance
- Gapless playback
- Replay Gain
- Crossfading
- Customize Appearance and Themes
- Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, podcasts, folders, Music, Videos and Playlists
- Review and Video
- Batch operations to optimize your library
- bolster for display embedded lyrics
- Delete unused media tab
- modified Tags
- Programmable sleep timer
- Create and modified playlists in the Player
- Create playlists "Live List" based upon rules
- Fade in and out and stop song playback
- Lock screen control
- Bookmark Podcasts
- Customize the default action for the various categories
- Add up next, such as iTunes
- Control your music together the 4 × 1 and 4 × 2 widget
- bolster for mostly applications scrobbling

- rocket music player for android wap.

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