Root Checker Pro 3.71


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/27/2015 - 07:37
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Root Checker Pro 3.71

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Root Checker Pro 3.71 for android-os smartphone is an interesting program by which you can specify whether your phone is rooted or not. As you know, to use the functionality of android-os and install more games and applications should rooted your phone you. There is several ways to do this, but you may change the new ROM to rooted your phone. If still not sure that your phone is rooted or not! Using the program in the shortest possible time can be routed to your handset. The program also has a widget for quick access to information program.

Some features of the rooted Checker Pro Android:
✤ detection device having rooted access
✤ revision and android-os devices together the API
✤ revision SuperUser
✤ show versions of BusyBox and Su
✤ display the user ID and group ID
✤ show the SuperUser
✤ Display of Su and Sudo
✤ environment variables
✤ making mobile data display

Ruth is?

Administrative rooted user access to Windows. A user together user ID 0 can modified each file and do any changes.
rooted (Root) means root, and the rooted of the android-os operating system also means access to or the same as the rooted file system.

- root checker pro for android wap.

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