Smart IR Remote - AnyMote v2.2.5b


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Update: 01/01/2015 - 10:45
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Smart IR Remote - AnyMote v2.2.5b


Smart IR Remote - AnyMote v2.2.5b The infrared remote control software in the Google Play, now, and better than ever! The largest number (and the best combination) of features, the user interface is homely and elegant, and more than 700,000 units (which is added every day hundreds of machines) feature of the program.
You can easily various devices such as TV, digital receiver, tuner, great subwoofer, receiver, TV / DVD / VCR COMBO, etc. The program can control. For example, you can use more or less the sound of your TV or change channels together your phone and hook into the menu of. The software uses the phone's functionality AIR GESTURES, so you can change channels without touching your phone or sound more or less right. If the sound of the TV too much, and you have an incoming call, this program will automatically reduce the volume or discontinue it.
Smart IR Remote is a universal remote control software that can be almost anything that receives IR commands, such as a TV, set top box (cable or satellite box), DVD player and BluRay, VCR, amplifier, Air Conditioner, receiver, AV, Svyychr, etc. DSLR camera command.

- smart ir remote anymote b for android wap.

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