Spirit2 Real FM Radio 4 AOSP


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Spirit2 Real FM Radio 4 AOSP

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Spirit2: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP v2014_12_16_lollipop successor Spirit1 Unlocked Best Darn FM is the best program.
Spirit2 a real FM radio, regulated and over-the-air for Android. It does not have internet access.
Spirit2 only popular devices, new and Spirit1 Unlocked excellence in digital audio encoding support.
Spirit2 much improved user interface and architecture. Spirit1 Unlocked is still under development and no bugs and has multiple features.

FM is the only program of EQ, effects, recording, BT A2DP and Visualizer support.

Spirit2 also controls the display and "remote" multiple encoding: home widget and lock screen, lock screen report shade, BT AVRCP remote control android-os future. AVRCP stations RDS information upon the display indicates Dhdf compatible BT headsets and can pause / play and select the preset control.

Only phones that tamed the "Compatible AOSP" apply:
ONLY these phones running "Compatible AOSP" ** ROMs:
Samsung GS3 GT-I9300
Samsung GS2 GT-I9100
Samsung GS1 GT-I9000
Samsung Note2 GT-N7100
Samsung Note1 GT-N7000
HTC 1 (GPE requires BT off)
HTC OneXL LTE, OneS, Evo 4G LTE (2013 CM11 only. 2014 kernels broke FM)
LG G2 D802 International and Sprint LS980 only. (Some stock, CM11 and Mahdi ROMs only as of March, 2014)
Motorola Moto G

- spirit real fm radio aosp for android wap.

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