Superimpose v2.6


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/07/2015 - 03:00
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Superimpose v2.6

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Superimpose v2.6 combines the mostly popular photos upon iOS is now available for Android. This software is the easiest way to put photos upon too. together just a few touches upon your phone, you can mix images and create together. Needless to computers and expensive software to combine or cut, copy, paste and ... a picture upon the display.

How the program works:
1. Upload a wallpaper
2. Upload a background image
3. mask off (hide) the unwanted background image using a wide range of tools mask
4. Smooth the edges together smoothen tool inside the program, if necessary.
5. The transmission ratio, resize, rotate, Flip background image to put it in the appropriate place in the background
6. Adjust the colors, the display contrast, facade, saturation and image foreground and background colors to match both images together if needed
7. Done! Share together your friends and dazzle them out!

You can also use this tool to perform more advanced tasks such as blending textures, borders or to show the double mask together adjustable transparency and 18 of the blending mode of use.
Use masking (Masking) This program is 1 of the strongest in Google Play. Simply touch an area of ​​the image attached to all parts of the program together the same color as the mask. You can also brush tool, lasso, global color similarity, rectangle, ellipse, line, either linear or radial gradient masking use.

- superimpose for android wap.