Swype Keyboard v1.8.5


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 02/06/2015 - 14:27
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Swype Keyboard v1.8.5

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Keyboard Swype Keyboard v1.8.5.1080510.34127 experience better, faster and smarter you provide. The software keyboard is the fastest way to couch a message in the Persian language Pshtybbany. Suppose to type the word "hello", but you need to press the 4 characters together the ability to move the Swype crossing over the letter "Q L or M" will be automatically typed the word. This will affect the typing speed is Bsazyy. Swype Keyboard Swype keyboard as you type feature is a program that is able to bolster the Persian language. An interesting point is that the keyboard is that if you enter a new word in the dictionary, in both audio and text is stored. That, then, what words to say and how to enter, the program is able to detect it.

- Four modes: Swype, Type, Write, Speak
- Full coordination Screen Tablet
- bolster in Persian
- Different themes
- Create shortcuts for rapid typing the desired word and symbol
- Gestures of
- High accuracy in word recognition
- Automatic word completion feature
- Predict the next word to increase typing speed

Manual activation:
Due to the installation guide, use the Lucky Patcher.

- swype keyboard for android wap.

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