Titanium Backup 7.0


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/24/2015 - 08:32
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Titanium Backup 7.0

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Titanium Backup ★ rooted 7.0.0 you may be 1 of those great applications and games upon your phone and transfer the installation file, you have many. So it is best that you backup all your files in case of any problem and data loss, backup of your files. Titanium Backup Software supply the best and mostly comprehensive backup files upon Android. together this software you can use all your phone data, including system software and installation, settings, Memory, and backup or recover your back up files.

Some features of the android-os Titanium Backup ★ root:
* Returns the data together 1 click
* Take a backup of sms, mms, bookmarks, contacts
* Backup apps without closing them
* guard backup against deletion
* Send backups via e-mail
* bolster for 29 languages

- titanium backup for android wap.