Torque Pro OBD 2 Car


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Torque Pro OBD 2  Car

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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.8.49 an effective tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle OBD II Bluetooth adapter car and a Asktr that the ECU uses to connect to the OBD2 engine management.
By this program you can see what your car is doing at the moment to see, hook OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor data and see multiple another things to do.
You can design a program together a widget dashboard and gauges that you need to adjust.
It can use the GPS tracking for events, so you can see what can be done at any time. It can also code DTC / CEL / fault is displayed likable a scantool or restart.
This program allows you to repair the car and helps keep down the cost of repair.

- Power meter, horsepower and torque
- Set the speed in 0 to 60 seconds.
- Ability to customize the dashboard and profiles
- Using the plugin track recorder can produce a video of their trip Knyd.yk black box for you car!
- Send GPS tagged tweets directly to twitter
- Powerful database to find for the error codes that is different between each of the companies is providing for you.
- Supports different skins
- Send logging information to web or email for analysis by Excel or Openoffice
- By showing the way forward for driving at night
- Speedometer, GPS, routing and upload time upon the Internet
- Powerful features for cars that use the MAP sensor.
- Data Chart
- bolster for the car dock
- bolster for themes
- Type of alarm and warning When your coolant temperature is over 120 ° C.
- AIDL interface to connect to the WLAN
- Share photos upon Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc.
- And the ...

OBD-II: On-board diagnostics (generation II) port - port troubleshooting the-board generation of
All cars manufactured after 1994 in the United States have a special board troubleshooting port equipped car. However, multiple ordinary car this time, the whole world can see these ports. together the right tools to connect to this port, a technician or a skilled person can observe and record all parameters monitored by the ECM. When the CEL flashes, this port can also report 1 or more of DTC.

- torque pro obd car for android wap.

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