Vine for Android 3.2.1


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Update: 01/24/2015 - 09:45
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Vine for Android 3.2.1


Social network Vine Vine 3.2.1 official application for Android. Vine create the good times shared together the general concept of software likable the video is available. Of similar applications in this field can be instagram noted that mostly of the outsole to upload images and video of 30 seconds is used. However, innovations in video sharing social network Vine to the disadvantage of the program used for your convenience so that you can enjoy each another in size and infinite number of videos.

Some features of social network applications Vine:
• Upload videos for unfetter and unrestricted
• Immediate post videos upon Vine, then share upon Twitter and Facebook
• Find, follow and interact together people close to her
• Explore the message, highlight and select the hashtag editor
• The Vine quickly do movies and upon social networks likable Facebook and Twitter to share.
• find people who is near you.
• hash tag and share your favorite movies easily find.
• And a lot of another work that helps you upload a video.

- vine for android for android wap.