WPS Mobile Office App v6.6.0


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 02/06/2015 - 14:51
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WPS Mobile Office App v6.6.0

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WPS: # 1 unfetter Mobile Office application v6.6.0 allows you to view, create and share Office documents that is fully compatible together Microsoft Office gives you. WPS Office is completely unfetter and is 1 of the mostly popular commercial unfetter world.

find any file
WPS Office can be almost any document, including PDF, TXT and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel open. This means that when you use WPS Office to open the document by e-mail or your favorite cloud services, will ensure that you will see exactly the same, which is.

Create amazing documents
WPS Office Office software together features similar to those in the computer you need to be loaded. The advanced options include the ability to add text and paragraph formatting, as good as direct images, shapes, tables and diagrams to your document is.

Easy File Sharing
You can WPS Office together your files via email, Evernote, etc. to share. You can also submit your own via WiFi or directly to another DLNA compliant devices to share.

Connect to Your Cloud
Using WPS Office can cloud your favorite drivers to access and modified documents. When you is done editing, WPS Office and online stores them automatically.

Features WPS Office:
• The interface currently supports 44 different languages
• Designed for smartphones and android-os tablets
• Fully compatible together Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
• Supports DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, PDF, etc.
• A small program includes Presentation (presentation), Writer (written) and Spreadsheets (spreadsheets)
• Easy access and modified documents in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and WebDAV
• Share documents together WI-FI or another devices using DLNA
• Easy to share documents via email and text message
• Securely hold your work together AutoSave
• guard your work together the encrypted document
• Working together USB and Bluetooth keyboards
• Use keyboard shortcuts likable copy and paste, and much more
• bolster for wireless printing

• Full compatibility together Microsoft PowerPoint
• Insert shapes, text boxes, images and notes in presentations
• Insert and modified charts and tables
• View the notes in the case of
• Control Laser Pointer Touch
• etc.

To couch
• Full compatibility together Microsoft Word
• advanced collaboration features such as change tracking and comments, and check the spelling
• Save documents in PDF format
• Rich text and paragraph formatting feature
• find and Replace

• Fully compatible together Microsoft Excel
• Includes dozens of formulas and function keys
• bolster bar table, freeze frame, sort, table styles and ...
• Insert graphs, including bar, pie, line and column
• modified a cell (number, text, content, etc.)

- wps mobile office app for android wap.

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