Yahoo Aviate Launcher v2.2.1


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/30/2015 - 04:28
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Category: Personalization

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher v2.2.1

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher v2.2.1 is not your typical launcher. Unlike GO , Nova , Apex and another similar Lanchrhay, Aviate your mobile phone automatically and intelligently organizes simple, day-only programs and information that you need them to show.

Key Features:
★ navigation simple, elegant - turn your phone into an easy to navigate pages faster and more efficient to do any work
★ Compatible together you - you display different applications based upon the current time and day
★ cease organized - their plans to set automatic classification based upon performance
★ Recommended for applications - applications is recommended based upon what you have installed the latest rankings in Google Play
★ cease in touch - your favorite contacts together 1 touch instead of searching through contacts
★ customized to simplicity - editing program in your collection, choose between the two shells, creating shortcuts, add icon packs, add widgets and change the image Home

Everyday use:
★ Wake, and Aviate automatically to your sleeping time, weather and news shows.
★ When you're at work, Aviate easy access to all program requirements in the workplace gives you, plus smart features likable a calendar invitation to the conference call, send email to participants at the meeting and together a single click !
★ When you're upon the road, Aviate automatically route traffic situation and shows.
★ during dinner (lunch), Aviate automatically photos, tips and reviews of restaurants and shows.
★ Connect your headphones, and Aviate music programs and additional information about the artist / band you're listening to you, such as recent tweets, upcoming concerts and biography.

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