YouTube Downloader v4.4


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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 01/13/2015 - 12:56
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YouTube Downloader v4.4

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YouTube Downloader v4.4 is a powerful application to download YouTube videos and movies are. This feature is useful for its users.

- Download YouTube videos (supports downloading in another computer remotely via SSH)
- Supports any type of format / quality upon YouTube
- Extract audio / convert to mp3 via the Dashboard menu
- Mux streaming video and audio in full (to enjoy HD resolution available as separate streams)
- File management options through long click upon an item in the Dashboard
- Manual Download Link: Copy it in another applications
- Filter the list of video formats, ECC quality through the left menu
- Use client settings for
- And the ...

Download videos is not supported together the following conditions:
- Requires entry (eg video age limit)
- Implement an encrypted stream (some full movies)
- Not available in your country
- Have live events

- find video and music indoors the program, or at Mkshahdh share a video button to select the program YouTube (or any homely text url to share via YouTube) and select YouTube Downloader.
- You all video codecs and quality of available video where you can see.
- To download the video locally (on the device) or a download via SSH to a remote computer, an item button. Destination Device Requirements: Bash and Wget. another information available SSH.
- Long press an item and copy to the clipboard (copy to clipboard) or share the url text (share url as text) of your choice. Note: this url (different in when you submit it through SSH) can only use the machine in which it was created, or the same LAN, if you share it together another computers.
- To work together the videos downloaded in your Dashboard. (Audio extraction / conversion / MUX and manage file)

- youtube downloader for android wap.

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